We help organizations to grow and evolve in a planned way.

We are convinced that there is another way of doing business and we are fascinated to find alternatives to the inherited way of working. We are committed to sustainable and healthy organizations where professionals are fully developed.


Absenteeism, talent drain, loss of commitment and satisfaction, safety problems, undervalued performance, rotation mismatches and inadequate salary mass are some of the obstacles that prevent large and small organizations from prospering and growing with their maximum explendor.


In order to solve this problem, we have decided to combine our experience and professional trajectory, creating a new strategic concepthuman resources with an integrated and holistic vision. Through it, e help to align the organizational purpose with a culture that makes possible, in a coherent and credible way, the maximum development and performance of the teams and the activity. This is how our clients become more competitive, efficient, happy and healthy organizations.

We encourage managers to create “authentic organizations”.Organizations that create meaning for the people who work there, and make them feel energized by their work.


They areorganizations that allow self-affirmation in the workplace, producing a sense of efficiency, autonomy, initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship. Organizations in which people are usually happy.


If you’ve ever met them, you know what we’re talking about.

guerra del talento

Do you want to know more about us?

Our Team


HRBP / Coach / Consultant in Human Capital and Organizational Development

A creator of meaning with a high capacity to confront ideas and challenge the conventional by encouraging team reflection.

His understanding of people management and his business-oriented vision make him passionate about Human Capital strategy.

Always ready to help, he commits himself to each and every one of his clients with the utmost exigency and serenity.




HRBP / Trainer / Labor Relations / Consultant in Human Capital and Organizational Development

Appreciating what I don’t make explicit.

Enormous ability to empathize and understand all kinds of situations.

Able to look at reality in an unusual way and challenge to go beyond the conventional from honesty.

Pure energy. Reflective, daring and brave.  Contagious of the desire to do, grow and live.




Facilitator / Team Supervisor / Coach / Social Innovator

Versatile and with solid principles and values.

Great visualization capacity and orientation towards the achievement of goals and objectives.

Vocational researcher and thought provoker to find solutions and make teams grow through co-creation.

Careful of relationships and a firm believer in human potential.

Talent for the generation of contexts of validation and satisfaction.


Our Values

Honesty and discretion

Understanding and empathy

Strategic vision and innovation

Experience and flexibility

Trust and commitment

Escucha y Empatía


EMCK Manifest

The art of working with PEOPLE. Keys to understand our thinking and the style of advice we practice.


    • Learning keeps us alive. Curiosity and discovery move us forward. The opposite is being a consumer zoombie.


    • Businesses are people who collaborate with people to solve problems winning both parties. You can make money without exploiting other people.


    • Continuousadaptation comes from overcoming our beliefss, which are many and we barely know how to investigate them.


    • Humans constantly give and take energy away from each other. Escape the vampires that absorb your energy. It also escapes from the activists of deception.


    • Work is too serious a subject to be left in the hands of others. Work hard, enjoy what you do and always have a plan B.


    • Life is a sigh that must be learned to savour at every moment. It istoo short to put up with people you don’t want to be with.


    • If you wantto discourage someone you just have to ignore their efforts. Then you won’t understand why he left the company, nor will you be able to assume that the common denominator of your team’s rotation is you.


    • If we fire for attitudes, why don’t we hire for them?


    • If the rate of change on the outside of your company is much higher than the rate of internal change, the end will be near.


    • Listening is everything. He who does not listen does not understand, does not open his mind and gets lost in his internal discourse.

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